Growing up in the middle of the woods has given me a certain passion for all things organic and natural. I enjoy growing my own essential oils and keeping a vegan diet, so when I found aesthetics it seemed like the perfect career choice. Assisting clients to improve their skin care, while they relax in a tranquil environment is my ultimate focus.

Enhancing natural beauty is a blessing that I take seriously, which is why I use Eminence skin care products. They are 98% organic, hand-crushed, and small batched to make the results that much more effective.

I offer all aesthetic services at very reasonable rates. So I hope to see you soon to refresh your skin care routine!



$ 50+

Per Session
  • Basic…..$75
  • Mini……$65
  • Microdermabrasion….$80
  • Chemical Peel……$80
  • Enzyme treatment….$70
  • Back treatment……$75
  • Body wrap……$80
  • Shiatsu….$50
  • Paraffin…..$60


$ 10+

Per Session
  • Eyebrows……$15
  • Chin/lip…..$10
  • Nose…..$8
  • Arms…….$25
  • Underarms……$20
  • Legs (full)……….$30
  • Legs (half)……$25
  • Brazilian…..$80
  • Bikini……..$70
  • Face (full)……..$50
  • Back……..$40
  • Chest……….$35


$ 45+

Per Session
  • Glam….$50
  • Casual….$45

Add Ons:

$ 10+

Per Session
  • Paraffin hands/feet…….$15
  • Lip treatment……$20
  • Decollete and neck….$10
  • Shiatsu– A relaxing alternative to plastic surgery, that lifts the skin using pressure points. Leaves you feeling looking refreshed and looking your best.
  • Paraffin– Cleanse your skin while receiving deep hydration. Leaving your skin with a brighter, smoother complexion.
  • Back Treatment– Cleanse and purify the pores on your back and clear the skin of dead skin cells. All while being relaxed with massage and steam therapy. The result is fresh, glowing skin, and a relaxed demeanor.
  • Chemical Peel– This improves appearance of skin with a deep exfoliate that eventually peels, leaving you with new regenerated skin.
  • Enzyme– This treatment uses enzymes to loosen and remove dead skin cells, promote cell growth, diminish scars, stretch marks, age spots, fine lines, and discoloration.
  • Microderm– This type of skin rejuvenation is a 30 min exfoliation treatment. It treats light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and
    stretch marks.
  • Mini– This luxury facial for 30min is a customized skin care treatment thats perfectly suited for you and your skin care needs.
  • Basic– This deluxe facial for 60minis a customized skin care treatment thats perfectly suited for you and your skin care needs.
  • Body wrap– A cozy body wrap that is both for mind and body. Decompress for and hour while this wrap helps combat weight gain, depression, blood pressure, acne, and fatigue to name just a few.